Wholphin Mag

So it's maybe weird to advertise for another magazine on our magazine, but I'm going to go ahead and recommend that you check out Wholphin. It's a digital mag (there is stuff online or you can subscribe and get the whole magazine sent to your home on DVD) that showcases rare and unseen short films. It's run by McSweeney's and has a similar slant. Stuff you haven't seen from people that everyone has heard of and then some great stuff from people no one has heard of, and the mag is very good. There that's all I guess, I'm a fan, check out their site, I just bought an issue and I love it. One of my favs is a short film from a Minneapolis filmmaker (who is making some waves on the festival circuit this year), Coleman Miller. The film is called "Uso Justo," it's an "experimental" short (oh that word sends shivers throughout my torso, it's a dirty word, I apologize), he told his friends that he was going to make a foreign film and sometime later this is what came out.

Watch this:
Baby Squid, Born Like Stars:


A Poet You Should Read

I was thinking about the links we have on this blog and that readers of InDigest may not really know why all of these are linked. Some, well most, were previously published in InDigest and we like them so that's why it's there. Others are blogs or sites from people who work relentlessly to bring you new issues of InDigest. But some are just there because you should read them. I thought I would clarify on one of these right now. (Links are at the bottom of the page).

Meggie Elder is a poet that most of us from InDigest are good friends with. She was originally form our neck of the woods up here in frigid Minneapolis/St. Paul, but now she lives in Germany (we miss you). Her blog, Little Lost Causes and Little Relaxed Minds, is essentially just poems of hers, and little else. Which makes it many times more tolerable than most blogs. Beyond that the poems are great. Since we only publish new poetry every so often I thought I would highlight her here, she's a poet you should give a chance. Great sense of place and beautiful imagery that always seems to take draw you into a collage of imagery before you realize where it's going and realize you're already there. You're online reading a blog anyway, doesn't reading poetry online give you a great sense of accomplishment anyways? Go read.

Here are a few of the poems that you could start with, happy reading:
All Day
A Whole Kitchenette of Cigarettes

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APB: Issue 3 Exists

Hello Faithful InDigest Readers,
InDigest forges on...new content for the first time in the new year. There is new poetry, fiction and art at the site. In Poetics we have 3 new poems from Brad Liening. Brad has a chapbook called Ker Thunk from H_ngm_n B__ks that you should check out through their site h_ngm_n dot com, they've got some great chapbooks available and online poetry.
In Narratives we've got a flash fiction-esque piece from Tao Lin, accompanied by a lovely paint drawing of a disappointed ant done by Tao. (he's got a bunch of great collections you should have already read)
And in the Gallery we've got paintings from artist Kara Hendershot. Which you will like - ergo you should go there.
New stuff. More to come.
That's all.

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Guernica Poetry

So I was turned onto this poem by David and Erica Wright (who we published in Issue 2). It's a poem by Peters Bruveris who I had never read before. But this poem (in translation) is just beautiful. So I had to post a link to this and gives dues to Guernica for publishing a great poem.

The poem opens:
"I am given ten cubic meters of darkness
every night I pace over them obediently"

It's just beautifully written (and translated).

Now go read the whole thing and bathe in the silky words.

mmm...french silk pie...mmm