InDigest Launch Party

Last Sunday night some folks got together at the Turf Club in St. Paul, MN to celebrate the launch of this little magazine. A good time had by all*. And although my Dad didn't buy a t shirt, he donated to the magazine in the form of a pint of Summit Winter Ale for yours truly. Thanks, Dad. Seriously, every little bit helps.

Here are some artistic interpretations of the evening brought to you by our good friend Kristie Minke, who also designed our beautiful business cards...for free! (see above comment on every little bit). The highlight, as usual: Chris Koza's crooning. Oh, and by the way, where's Jesse?

*possible exception to good-time having: JoAnna James while Dustin read Jess Grover's poem "Sweetest Own" ("Joanna / James I’ve been brushing / my teeth with / bathtub /
bleach for a week I love you.") and Chris strummed his guitar. JoAnna so sufficiently tucked herself under a table that I think she actually disappeared for a moment.


At Last Unfolding Congo

Just a quick note on a recent poet published by InDigest:

We've recommended Alex Lemon's debut collection Mosquito, but we'd also like to point out that he has just released a chapbook. It is called At Last Unfolding Congo, and it's available through Horseless Press. To get more info on Alex Lemon's new chapbook go here. I've already ordered my copy, you should too.


Bookslut love

No explanation is really needed because everyone knows and loves Bookslut, but we wanted to thank our friends at Bookslut for the notice on their blog. The good people at bookslut, particularly Emily Cook, took note of InDigest on their blog, which is undeserved and much appreciated. So if you read InDigest you should check out Bookslut, they're great, and check out their blog.


InDigest Comes Alive

Issue One of InDigest is out. Go see it InDigestMag.com