Best of the Web

Funny, I don't see InDigest on this list. It's all politics with these things. Dustin and I went to the award ceremony, and everyone was all, "Oh, I really like what you guys are doing" and "Oh, I totally think what you're doing is more important than the New Yorker and Slate in this day and age, but, you know, those guys have their hands in everyone's pockets in this place...not me, of course. I TOTALLY voted for you guys."

Whatever. It was a nice excuse to go to NY (on someone else's dime, obviously), and there were free drinks all night. Plus, I got to meet Fran Hauser of People Group Digital (what a fox) and Stephen Saunders of TechWeb, one of my personal heroes (& he should be one of yours, too, damn it).



Friends, oh, friends

Well, here we are, on the eve of the new look for InDigest, and I would like to share some cool things that people, who rate much higher than either David or I on the coolometer (above a 4), are up to.

Jess Grover has some poems in the new issue of Forklift, Ohio. I think you have to buy to see them, so buy it, Forklift is cool. (at least a 7.5).

As we have said previously, Alex Lemon has a new collection of poetry out called Hallelujah, Blackout. His been spotted all over the nation recently reading poems from said book. Maybe you will spot him. Maybe not. I don't know how to find out where he can been seen, but he can be seen. As can David on Alex's blog under the photos from the book release.

Chris Koza has a new disc coming out in June and is currently out on tour all over our fair nation (this is at least an 8, probably a 9). You can find tour dateson his myspace page. Go see him, tell him InDigest sent you.

Sam Osterhout. is out traveling the nation and reading to the kids. he is traveling with our friend Geoff Herbach for the release of his new novel The Miracle Letters of T. Rimberg. (yet another 8 or 9)

Also David has a new article up at Guernica, read Guernica, it's good.

There is much more to tell, but then that would spoil the fun of the news section on the stie, which will be updated shortly when the new issue goes up (aww, awesome, a 10).


A New Look!

In the near future -- maybe a week or two; maybe sooner -- InDigest will be getting its first major makeover. It's a little nervous. It's still young, so big changes are kind of scary. But it's adventurous, too, and told us, after a long, pleasant Sunday-night dinner (Dustin, myself, InDigest, and a few of our very close friends...very pleasant) that it was up for the change. We're all very excited around the InDigest offices. Dustin high-fived the mailman today; the guy just couldn't keep it inside anymore, had to outwardly express himself. So, a high-five for the bewildered, but kind mailman it was. He's a sport, the mailman, and we give him a Christmas card with a wad of cash every year, so he puts up with our antics.

Anyway, InDigest is in the shop as we speak getting detailed. Unfortunately we haven't figured out how to put switches on it yet to make it hit that three-wheel motion, but we're working on it. Until then, we hope you enjoy the changes we are making. And feel free to let us know (comment on the blog or email us) what you do think when all these changes go down.



There is a great new lit mag online. FOU Magazine has just published their first issue. I believe they are just publishing poetry, I haven't actually finished the first issue, but everything I've read has been very good. The first issue includes two poets previously published in InDigest Alex Lemon and Tao Lin, also featured are Michael Earl Craig, Matt Hart, Dorothy Lasky, and many other great poets. It's a good looking mag, you should take a look.