Cpt. Koza

Hey, look at that, Chris Koza's "Straight to Video" is the Current's Song of the Day.


On Considering a New Issue

Hey, we've been at work on a new issue, and it will be out very soon. It will also be very full. Full of goodness. Goodness gracious. New columns. New art. New wave. Not really. Check back soon.


On Considering This Blog

Considering this blog is not even linked to on InDigest Magazine it is clear to see what it has become: a venue where Dustin and I can go from time to time to make each other laugh. To find some refuge from the hectic world around us. In this day and age of instant access by millions of people to personal thoughts through various means and avenues on the blogoshpere I find this a refreshing realization. It is our little tree house in the forest on the outskirts of town. Our fort in the living room of a hectic house. Our, well, you get it. Or rather, we get it.


Footrubs at the InDigest Office have been temporarily suspended

I have found the security camera footage from an incident that took place just hours ago in the InDigest offices, watch as an intern loses it after repeated demands for a footrub from David. David bends down and begins to show him precisely how the last intern would give him footrubs, and the intern decides to take the money-grubbing-non-profit online magazine down.

http://view.break.com/513310 - Watch more free videos