Divided We Fall

If you recall Issue 3 of InDigest you will remember that Charles Greene interviewed writer/producer Valarie Kaur about her post-9/11 documentary Divided We Stand. The film still hasn't seen a wide theatrical release, but it is slated to be shown in every state in the US on September 11th of this year. Nonetheless, I thought I would point out that the film is currently available for viewing online. If you haven't had a chance to see it yet you should head over here and watch this (you should also attend it's theatrical screening to support independent cinema, and political debate). It's a powerful film. It comes highly recommended out of the InDigest Offices.


Minneapolis News

Our friends at MNArtists and Whistling Shade have some big news.

Whistling Shade (a great, free, literary magazine in Minneapolis) has started a publishing imprint and they are about to release their newest book Tales from the Tinker's Dam, a collection of odd short stories from Daniel Gabriel. You can find out more about the book at their website. Or, you could go to the reading, which is being held on Thursday July 17, at Kieran's Irish Pub in downtown Minneapolis. This is sure to be a very interesting book, so check out the page, check out the reading, and pick up a copy of Whistling Shade's literary magazine.

MNArtists is still in the midst of their MiniStories contest as well. They are still accepting flash fiction submissions for the contest. MNartists is a very bad ass place for artists in Minnesota to connect and get seen. If you aren't a part of this (or if you live in another state) check this out, it's great. The deadline for submissions is July 13 (which is tomorrow), so get on it, submit something you've got lurking in a file and haven't found a home for, or spend tomorrow trying to put together a bomb collection of 300 words or so. Do it. If you want more info go here.

As always, we are accepting submissions as well.


Issue 6

Issue 6 has arrived, finally, and it's a grand one. We've got all sorts of new content up. New poetry from Canadian poet Ryan Bird. New in the narratives section is an excerpt from Frederick Lane's new book The Court & the Cross. The book focuses on the influence of the religious right in American politics and the often-tenuous relationship that has developed between organized religion in America and the legal system.

Donald Van Auken presents a series of paintings focusing on an imaginary circus full of odd dark characters.

In Erratica there are is a new column from Ashleigh Lambert and Bedside Stacks, reviewing the new novel from Tom McCarthy Remainder, and the newest Susanna Moore novel The Big Girls. The new Is That Cowardly? takes a look at the new collection from poet Dorthea Lasky titled Awe. Also in Erratica is a piece but occasional contributor Charles Greene covering the global celebration of James Joyce's Ulysses called Bloomsday.

Keep checking back as there will be more updates this month, a new column, some interviews and some new music from some of our favorite artists.

As always, thanks for reading.