Alex Lemon

We just want to take a moment here to thank Alex Lemon (Issue 1) for acknowledging us in his newest book of poetry, Hallelujah Blackout (Milkweed, Feb. 28). His poems, "It’s Hard to Tell Who Will Love You the Best" and "Spotless" first appeared in these pages, and it says so right in Hallelujah Blackout. Very cool.

Thanks for everything, Alex.

Check out Alex's review of Li-Young Lee's knew book of poems.


Issue 4

If you haven't been to the site in a while you should return, because Issue 4 is up. We've got new poetry from Ingrid Chung and Rebecca Porte, new art from Travis Lindquist, new Bedside Stacks and new Dorkolopogous. Look for the rest of issue 4 to be online very soon, it will include a brand new column to the magazine, new fiction and an interview with director Robert Stone. Thanks for continuing to read InDigest.


Whistling Shade Winter Issue

An interesting Editor's note from Whistling Shade Editor, Joel Van Valin (Click on "From the Whistler" in the top left of the screen once you get to the site). Although I can't say I agree with his take on Joyce and creativity, this is still an introduction to the Winter issue that preps one's brain to dig into the content that follows.

And look: Whistling Shade will be publishing books soon, too.



What Light

For readers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area there is a great event happening on Sunday. Magers & Quinn and mnartists.org are hosting the What Light reading, celebrating the third year of the What Light poetry series. Past winners Margaret Hasse, Jen March, Todd Pederson, and Greg Watson will be reading, Chris Osgood Director of Artists Services at Springboard for the Arts will "wax poetic on the topic of wine and offer samples from his portfolio of wines." This will be a good time: poetry and wine on a Sunday, how can it go wrong? It's taking place at Magers & Quinn in uptown at 5:00 Sunday. Go support local artists and exercise your right to drunk on a Sunday afternoon.


The Kindle

Do any of you own, or use, the Amazon Kindle? If you do we've got a couple of questions for you, if you would be so kind please leave a comment with your e-mail address or you can e-mail us at indigestmag@gmail.com. Thanks everyone...


New interview in Issue 3

Hello all, just a little reminder that we have a new interview up in the InDialogue section of the magazine. Charles Green interviewed filmmaker Valarie Kaur about her documentary Divided We Fall. The film takes a look at Sikh life in America after 9/11. To get the full story go to InDialogue.

If the interview interests you check out this clip, it's the first seven minutes of the film:

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Stupid, stupid, stupid

If Dustin and I get around to it we're going to write more about the stimulus package being proposed and just how stupid it is and how it proves that "trickle-down" economics don't work and, how, after years of spending wildly beyond my means, I may be "unpatriotic" and put my government check in the bank and...well, just read this for now.